$399 Flat Fee Listing Service*

Responsibilities of Broker:

Broker shall perform the following duties, and any optional marketing services at the request of the  Seller:

1. List the Property until sold or terminated by Seller.

2. List the Property in First Multiple Listing Service (FMLS).

3. List the Property in Georgia Multiple Listing Service (GAMLS).

4. List the Property with said multiple listing services within 24 hours, excluding weekends and federal holidays, after all listing paperwork have been completed/received and photos taken/received.

5. List the Property in 75+ national real estate websites (e.g. Zillow.com, Realtor.com).

6. List the Property in all local real estate broker websites with online FMLS/GAMLS listings, Courtesy of Broker.

7. Photograph the exterior and interior of the Property (Seller may also submit photos) and enter up to 25 photos on the FMLS and GAMLS listing.

8. Write descriptive remarks about Property on the listing (Seller may write any highlights and selling features of Property and submit to Listing Agent).

9. Provide Seller with Broker “For Sale” yard sign in metal frame and stand. Seller may choose to have “Call Owner” and Seller’s phone number printed on the sign or the Listing Agent’s name and phone number printed on the sign.

10. Provide Seller with Brochure Box with lid and metal stand for flyers.

11. Provide Seller with one Directional Sign with metal stand, if needed. In the event the sign is picked up and disposed of by the County or the Subdivision HOA or found missing, Seller shall pay Broker $25 for each additional sign with metal stand, if Seller elects to use directional signs.

12. Provide Seller with an agent-access electronic lockbox for a lease fee of $100 for the duration of Property for sale, if Seller elects to lease a lockbox. The lockbox registers dates/time/names and contact info of agents who entered the Property. Feedback system included, free of charge, to “automatically” obtain feedback by email from showing agents and results sent directly to Seller.

13. Provide Seller with a Comparative Market Analysis, if requested.

14. Suggest a listing price for the Property.

15. Provide Seller with Property Disclosure form and any other applicable disclosure forms (e.g. Community Association Disclosure, Lead-Based Paint Disclosure).

16. Provide Seller with flyer templates, if requested.

17. Make changes (e.g. listing price, descriptive remarks) on Property’s listing, free of charge, as requested by Seller. To change photos, Seller to submit new photos.

18. Extend the Listing Period automatically past the initial term for three months and subsequent consecutive three-month periods, free of charge, until the Property is sold, unless otherwise Seller notifies us in writing (email acceptable), a minimum of 3 (three) days in advance, to expire the listing at the end of its current listing period or withdraw the listing before the end of its current listing period.

19. Refer any requests for tour of Property from buyers not represented by agents to the Seller whenever the Listing Agent or another Broker licensee is unavailable to show. Likewise, Seller may request Broker to show to buyers with no agents for any reason (e.g. Seller away on vacation).

20. Negotiate an offer from a buyer represented by a buyer’s agent directly with agent.

21. In the event Seller receives an offer from a buyer not represented by an agent, assist Seller with contract negotiations, if needed. For the buyer, Broker assists the buyer only with ministerial acts (only acts that do not involve judgment, discretion, or advice), such as providing contracts forms.

22. Fill out all necessary contractual documents, obtain signatures, and submit executed contract to all appropriate parties.

23. Follow up with closing attorney and review the settlement statement.

*Subject to $399 Flat Fee Listing Addendum

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